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Veneers in Smyrna and Vinings

Dr. Carroll has decades of experience performing veneer procedures for patients in Smyrna & Vinings. Veneers can dramatically improve your smile, and are more affordable and less invasive than many other cosmetic dental procedures. Call us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Carroll, one of the most experienced cosmetic dentists in Georgia.

Porcelain veneers are a common and cost effective method of improving a patients smile. Each veneer is custom created to match the patients mouth & correct any cosmetic issues. At only about 0.5 millimeters thick, veneers are bonded over existing teeth and last securely for many years, resisting stains better than natural teeth and brightening smiles.

Veneers offer an extremely naturally looking appearance because they reflect light in a very similar way to natural enamel. Natural teeth are somewhat translucent, allowing some light to pass through the first few millimeters of a tooth’s thickness before it is reflected back. Porcelain veneers share the same translucent properties as enamel, and similarly allow light to penetrate into them before reflecting it back. The result is a very beautiful and life-like smile.

Veneers may be a good choice for you if your teeth are stained, worn down, or chipped. They may also be used to correct teeth that have grown in crooked, or teeth with gaps between them.

Get the best veneers in Smyrna & Vinings with Dr. Carroll

Veneers are relatively easy to install, and require less work than procedures like crowns where the entire tooth is ground down and covered. With a veneer, only a small amount of your natural tooth needs to be removed (about equal in thickness to the veneer that will replace that area). The procedure can be accomplished in as little as two visits.

For patients in Smyrna & Vinings, our office is just fifteen minutes from Atkins Park. Call to schedule a consultation today to see if veneers are the right solution for your smile.


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